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Searching Images has Never Been Easier with Photocase

search-image-in-photocaseMany buyers are disappointed with other stock photo websites due to the trouble they have to experience before finding the right image for their creative project. We know that finding the right image that suits your needs is challenging on its own. The last thing you need is a website that makes the search even difficult. Fortunately, you do not have to undergo the same effort with Photocase.

photocase-kleinPhotocase has a user-friendly interface that allows you navigate through the website easily. Furthermore, it has a straightforward search option that allows you to make simple and advanced image search. If you know what image you are looking for, you will surely find it easily. Even if you don’t, the website provides similar images that you may also be interested in. Here are some tips on how to search for images in a unique library.

  1. Use the sort function to display images according to date, relevance and interestingness.
    All images are available in the library, but they are listed in no particular order. If you want a targeted search, use the sort function. This search option will let you display the latest images first, the most relevant to your keywords, and the most popular.
  2. Use search modifiers to display more accurate choices.
    Modify your search by adding words and signs to your keywords. Use the + sign and the word and to find photos tagged with both keywords. Use the – sign to limit your search. Use the | symbol or the word or to be more flexible. Lastly, combine modifiers to have a more targeted search.
  3. Use the advanced search to tell the search engine exactly what you want to find.
    Add details to find an image by a specific photographer or filename. Add orientation to find the crop or shape you are looking for. Use resolution to find photos with the size you want. Check the “Extended License” box to find images with that license.
  4. Click similar photos or themes on the photo detail page. If you want to find images with the same look and feel with your searched image, click the Similar Photos halfway down the page. If you want to see a collection of keywords tagged to the specific image you are viewing, click the Similar Themes to the right of similar photos.


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