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Why Use Authentic Stock Photos from Photocase

People are visual creatures. That’s what the brain is made for – processing visuals. About 20% of it is purely for vision. That’s why stock photos are important in marketing products and services. They can lead to great results as they attract attention and encourage readers to respond. However, not all stock images are created equally. While many have high quality, some are clichéd. Such images do not do well because readers are extremely talented at discerning authentic images from the ones that are staged.

For successful marketing, you need authentic stock photos. High quality and relevant images in marketing is crucial. According to studies, content with unique and authentic images get about 94 percent views than their pure text counterpart. Similarly, posts with images receive more engagement that those with only text.

Authentic stock photos feel realistic. They make users feel something when they interact with the website or posts. Here are some characteristics of authentic images:

  • They look real. Authentic images can be in the form of a photo, video or illustration. They don’t have to be realistic all the time. Some great custom cartoon images can also feel authentic to users.
  • They directly connect to your message. For images to be effective, they need to be relevant to your subject. Keep in mind that these images show what you may not be able to tell. Use them to feature something impressive about a product or service, and even the company.
  • They fit the persona of your audience. The best thing about authentic images is their ability to establish a connection among users. They can be a part of the overall story of a website or blog. Because they look and feel real, users can relate to them and see who they are and what they want to be.
  • They convey emotion and encourage response. Emotion is incredibly important to all human interactions and subsequently to marketing. People are always on the lookout for emotional cues in images, which makes authentic stock photos a great way to associate positive emotions with your brand.

Authentic stock images are the best way to get an idea over quickly. People can process images faster than they can process written text. Recent studies suggest that it takes only 150 milliseconds to process an image and twice as long to process and recognize words. So by including images in your marketing, you can tap into the raison d’etre of your audience’s brains.

Where can you get authentic stock photos?
Out of hundreds of stock photo sources in the Internet, only a few offer stock images that don’t look like stock images. One of them is Photocase. They sell real-life, authentic stock photos on various themes and styles. With an easy-to-navigate website, you can easily and quickly find fresh and fair stock photos to enhance your creative projects. Every photo in the stock site is handpicked by their photo editors, so you will have natural-looking and authentic-feeling choices.

Prices are simple and fair at Photocase. You can purchase authentic stock photos with credits or on-demand, whichever suits your needs and budget. With your photos, you get a basic license that allows you to use them indefinitely on multiple projects, use on social media posts with no added costs, and transfer of licenses to third parties. Just take note that when you buy a photo under the basic license, you need to cite the stock site or photographer.