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What Corbis Videos are Available at Getty’s Library

Are you looking for Corbis videos? Since the stock site’s shut down in May 2016, you can no longer access its content from their website. Instead, you can head to Getty Image’s website and download the footages and images from there. Corbis and Getty are two of the largest and most successful stock agencies in the industry. With the two combined, a massive 200 million content-filled library is made. It includes over 50,000 hours of film to complete any project, too.


Not all Corbis videos were migrated to Getty Images – only the most significant ones. You can find them by entering the keyword Corbis on the search bar. Over 50 stock footages will be displayed on the results. If you can find what you are looking for, you can also search for Getty Images footages by clicking the “Video” menu on the upper left corner of the stock site, where you can find editorial, 4K videos and featured collections from BBC Motion, National Geographic and more.

Before, many individuals and businesses do not have the budget to use Corbis services. But, the acquisition of Getty Images made Corbis videos more accessible to creative professionals of varying budget levels. You can purchase these videos using Getty’s two buying options: a la carte and via Ultrapacks. You also have the chance to purchase them at discounted prices through a Getty Images coupon code.


Are you ready to buy high quality stock footage? Visit Getty Images for Corbis videos and the site’s very own collection of premium footages. GI has decades of experience in the stock licensing industry. It is overall a reliable company. If you are worried that you are not getting Corbis videos from Corbis anymore, you don’t have to. You are in good hands – perhaps even better. Two of the leading stock agencies’ video collections in one location is a treat for the creative community.