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Adobe Stock: A Blogger Mom’s Answered Prayer

Can you imagine the pain bloggers has to go through to perk up their blogs with high-quality images? I do. Every time I post a blog, I am under great pressure of providing my readers with top-quality, gorgeous-looking and content-relevant images. I always feel that I owe it to them. So, I take the time to find these images and work on them in my photo-editing software. Thanks to Adobe Stock, everything has changed.


How Adobe Answered my Prayer

For someone running a blog and a daycare center (I’m a proud housewife), time is a luxury. Caught in between changing diapers and cooking dinner, I hardly have enough time to write a blog. But, I love writing. It is the only time I can call my own. Since content marketing also updates tactics and strategies to reach a wider range of audience, I also modernize my blog writing through cheap stock photos to keep up.

The photo-editing application that I have been using is Adobe’s Photoshop. Thanks to my brother Ken, I’ve been quite confident with it. It has been helping me a lot with editing photos to suit my web content and design. On the other hand, I get my photos from cheap stock photo agencies. I’ve been website-hopping for the past couple of years just to find one that fills my creative needs. So when Adobe launched Adobe Stock, I felt that my prayer has been answered.

Perks of Adobe Stock to a Blogger Mom

  • Adobe Stock is integrated into Photoshop! This is that one piece of information that blew my mind – the right piece to my photo-shopped puzzle, the perfect key to my stock photo heart. Now, I do not have to download images to my computer and import them to my photo-editing app. I can simply choose a photo and it will be directly available to Photoshop.
  • Who does not love discounts? Discount is among a woman’s greatest desires. It probably ranks second to eating without getting fat. As a creative cloud member, I am entitled to a huge discount. Instead of paying $49.99 for 10 images a month, I get a discounted stock image plan of $29.99.
  • Sometimes, I can’t use up all 10 images in a month. Thankfully, unused Adobe Stock photos are rolled over for an entire year. Also, I am allowed to work on lower-resolution images first, allowing me to edit the image and check if I can edit it to my heart’s content before I purchase the full version. Plus, my edits will automatically apply when I upgrade.

Adobe Stock has helped me become an effective blogger and mother. It saves me a lot of time and effort. Since it is integrated into Photoshop, I can save time from downloading and importing. Instead of sitting idly waiting for those to happen, I can tend to my baby’s needs instead. I can set the table or wash the dishes, too. In a word, it gives me more time to fulfill my motherly duties.